Brass Knuckle Duster Ring B00DK5GSXA

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Brass Knuckle Duster Ring
  • Unique Custom Handmade Design
  • Highly Polished Bronze
  • Available in ALL Sizes: (custom resizing also available)
  • Special Anti-Tarnsih Alloy

Product description

A solid piece of metalsmithing weighing in at 12 grams. A good 19mm x 25mm, this knuckle duster punk ring packs a punch!

The Process

First a chunk of wax is carefully sculpted into the shape of the ring, the wax prototype is then used to form a plaster mold. Next, castings can be made with molten metal, ie. sterling silver and bronze. After that comes the extensive hand polishing followed by thorough quality checks.


Although it can sometimes be difficult to determine your exact ring size, it can be even harder to find a ring that fits. We feel that getting a ring that fits perfectly is NOT too much to ask. That's why we make our rings in quarter sizes all the way from size 4 to 26 (US standard). We usually make a deal with our customers that if they can find out their exact size we will make a ring to fit it!

Why Bronze?

A combination of Copper and Tin, Bronze and has numerous beneficial properties. For example, it acts as a catalyst in the formation of enzymes and haemoglobin. It is also said to increase dream activity and promote visualization - developing creative imagination and dissolving confusion. It has a very attractive luster and shines like gold and silver but is readily available as jewellery for a fraction of the price!

What is Tarnish?

Although bronze has an shiny appearance, it tarnishes easily. The tarnish forms as an outer layer called patina as a chemical reaction takes place between the metal and components in the atmosphere. With our signature anti-tarnish bronze alloy this natural process is seriously reduced. This punk ring is guaranteed to shine for decades to come!